I'll never let you forget the butterflies.

I am for the couples who are crazy about each other. I’m for the couples who just want to spend the week in with netflix and a beer, and the couples who booked a flight for tomorrow just to see the sun set in a different city. I’m for the couples who keep each other in love in their own silly ways. I'm for the couples who write letters across oceans, and for the couples who are just on the other end of the couch. I’m for the couples that believe love has no rules, and the couples who believe love is patient and kind and full of butterflies. I'm here for you, because your love is freaking amazing, and your wedding will kick ass because of it. I promise to be there on your wedding day, for the moment that he sees you at the bottom of the aisle, and I promise to make sure your memories are preserved.  I vow to be there for the loudest laughs and your happiest tears, and I promise to be there for when grandma is kicking it on the dance floor. I’m here so that no matter whether your wedding was yesterday, or ten years ago, or fifty years ago, your photos will always make you feel the flutter like it’s the first time

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