My name is Lauren!

photo by taylor baker

photo by taylor baker

I have a bachelors degree in advertising photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and I have been photographing weddings since 2010.

I am super laid back but a total perfectionist. My inbox having unanswered emails honestly keeps me awake at night, and that slammin' golden hour light gives me LIFE. I am quiet and stealthy during your ceremony and those special moments with your family, but I come from a big ass Italian family, so when the party is getting lit, you better believe I will be right there photographing in the center of the dance floor singing along to every song. 

Other things about me: I am an adrenaline junkie with an unprecedented love for the ocean, which means I do crazy things like swim in shark infested waters just for the hell of it. I love a fine murder mystery, take-out sushi, and am unforgivably obsessed with The Office and Harry Potter. There is a special place in my heart for a perfectly crafted margarita and bar trivia, which I am mostly terrible at but still show up to contribute to punny team names (Hedwig and the Angry Snitch is present and accounted for).


And this is Fawn.

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Fawn (aka Fern or Fart) has been part of the team since September of 2016. She works on administrative tasks like rubbing her teeth on my computer screen while I'm answering your emails and meowing at me while I’m editing your photos. Some of her favorite things include watching the toilet flush, swatting at any and all moving screens, and giving strangers dirty looks as they coo at her from the window.