Questions? I've got twenty (er...11 of the most frequently asked)! 

I just sent you an email, when will I hear from you? Yay! I respond to all inquiries within the hour. In the very unlikely scenario that its been 12 hours or more, first check your spam folder and then email me directly at

Where are you located? I am multi-based. While my apartment and my cat are in Jersey City, I have home bases in both Los Angeles and Syracuse., NY. This just means that I spend so much time in each of these cities that I don't charge travel or accommodation fees to get there! 

Will you travel to my wedding? Hell yeah! I’m always down for weddings in new places (not to mention the literal breath of fresh air that leaving NYC provides). I have a few bucket-list locations, and I love the Caribbean.

What kind of equipment do you use? - I shoot with two full frame Canon cameras and an arsenal of professional grade lenses and flashes. I also use a cloud backup system as well as a hard backup system to ensure that your photos are always safe, no matter what.

Are you insured? Yep - you betcha!

How many photos will I get? A typical wedding will yield about 70 photos per hour. Of course, this is entirely dependent on the day. Your guest count, coverage length, and the number of photographers you have are huge factors in how many images you’ll receive. 

How long does it take to get photos? Your final wedding photos will be delivered within 3-4 weeks. I KNOW, most photographers take 6-12 weeks, but I've got your back. I'm not rushing my edits, and I'm not sending them out to a stranger to have them edited. I've just got my system down pat! 

Do you offer discounts? I understand that you’re probably on a budget, and weddings can be wicked expensive. If you love my work but are worried I'm outside of your price point, don't be afraid to talk to me! I am totally happy to work with you to find a package that works, but please be respectful and mindful that weddings are how I pay my bills every month. The only way we can do this is if we have a conversation, right?! 

Why do I need an engagement session?  Okay, I love engagement sessions. So freakin' much. They're a really awesome way for us to get to know each other (we're going to be spending most of your wedding day together and I don't want to be a stranger to you!) and it's a great opportunity for you and your boo to get cozy in front of the camera so things don't feel as silly on your wedding day. Engagement sessions only take up to 90 minutes, and I love to shoot them somewhere that's special to you both. Whether thats your home, your favorite bar, your favorite hiking trail with your dog - I'm there! 

Why the hell should I book you? Lis-ten. There are 9,00o,000,000 other photographers out there, some are cheaper than me, some photograph differently than I do. But I'm here for my couples, and I'm passionate about what I photograph and how I do it. I'm not going to spend your entire cocktail hour posing you like some cheesy stock photography models - I am here for natural, candid, lovely moments and photographs that will survive the test of time and make everyone even more jealous of your love than they already are. You spend anywhere from 6-12 hours with your photographer on your wedding day, don't you want someone you can vibe with? I'm your friend from the second you send me an email, I'll take you guys out for cocktails or coffee, and I'm there for you for every question and milestone along the way. My couples are my friends and I love to stay in contact after your wedding. How many wedding photographers can say that?

I’m freakin’ sold. How do I book you? Brilliant!! Couples tend to book anywhere 8-12 months in advance, but I suggest booking as soon as you have your date and venue locked in so that your date doesn’t disappear (aka another couple books it). In order to reserve your date you'll need a signed contract and a 1/3 retainer fee, and the best part is that we can do it all online. Lets do this thing!